DUM DUM DODO runs for President. DONALD TRUMP and HILARY CLINTON claim "his Politics is for the Birds." (READ MORE)


I’m Dum Dum Dodo, the “Goofball Superhero” with an IQ of Perfect Zero. I’m on a mission to save the world with Peace, Love and Laughter for Now and Forever After.


The American Dodo Party Platform

  1. Put birdseed and crackers on every American plate and when they grow feathers we’ll all celebrate.
  2. We’ll solve the oil crisis by being real smarties cuz our cars will run cleaner on our high octane farties.
  3. We’ll each bring an ice cube to the melting North Pole, and we’ll solve global warming once and for all.
  4. We’ll have an open door policy on illegal immigration and America will be a 7 billion strong one-world one-nation.
  5. There’ll be no more hunger, homeless or poor cuz we’ll open 1¢ Dum Dum Dodo Stores.
  6. Elect us birdbrains to lifetime terms and we’ll eat all of Washington’s corrupt political worms.
  7. We’ll make our birdbrain dreams come true with a wing, a prayer, and a cock-a-doodle-do.
  8. The American Dodo Party is brainstorming and platforming; we’re always informing but never conforming. (READ MORE)

Dum Dum Dodo for President

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