MAX PAX PRODUCTIONS is an innovative entertainment company providing positive, heartfelt, empowering, playful, and thought-provoking music and books that stimulate the imagination and touch our innermost emotions. In the field of music, we strive to build a collaborative relationship with the artists, making them aware that they are entering into a musical family partnership. Max Pax is devoted to releasing music with memorable melodies, attention-grabbing lyrics, compelling vocals, and tasteful harmonies. We attempt to truly seek out artists with songs that have a universal crossover appeal. We also self-publish humorous books and greeting cards.
Our motto is to bring “Peace, Love and Laughter for Now and Forever After,” to aspiring readers. Max Pax’s mission is to compete in the fields of music, book publishing, movies, 3D animation and in all areas of merchandising associated with our artists, animated characters and books.  We are a production company inspired to reach a global audience. For more information visit us at:



ALEX LITVINOV is a General Partner of Max Pax Productions, a multi-dimensional entertainment company. He is a record producer, songwriter, book author, screenwriter, and creative visionary entrepreneur who has been in the entertainment field for over 30 years. He has produced four albums (April: Sex in America; Maralee Marquette: Self-Titled; Stacee Marie Tweedlie: Self-Titled; Candi Rans: Not Your Typical Girl).

Alex is the author of two self-published books on Dum Dum Dodo - "Accidental Droppings" and "Accidental Dodoisms" - written under the pseudonym of Alex Jay Hart. With his many years of business and creative experience, he is committed to establishing Max Pax Productions as a major player in the field of music, 3D animation and book publishing.
JACQUELINE GUAY is a General Partner of Max Pax Productions, Inc. She has worked in the law profession for many years as a legal assistant and brings her many administrative skills to the company. Jacqueline is also an accomplished photographer, book designer and editor. She has computer graphic skills and is an expert in Microsoft Office.
Jacqueline's experience in planning and ensuring the availability of funds as needed, overseeing cash and asset management, as well as banking relationships is the backbone of Max Pax. She is a true business partner to the President with her organizational performance in both the annual budget and the company's long-term strategy.