Welcome to the zany nonsensical world of “Dum Dum Dodo.” He's America's "Goofball Superhero," and he's on a mission to make you laugh. Enter into his magical kingdom where Peace, Love, and Laughter are hilariously joined in the now and forever after. Here, within his realm, you will encounter wondrous moments sprinkled with endless possibilities.


He takes us on a journey of comical misadventures, Dodo morality tales, and bungled Superhero Rescues in an absolutely unparalleled way. With his unique style of humor, slanted towards goofy innocence and purity, we are awakened and inspired to follow in his Dodo steps. He invigorates our lives and encourages us by example to lighten up and enjoy our precious moments.

Dum Dum is the only surviving Dodo on earth, the last of his species. So why is he really here? What has his destiny to do with ours? Maybe something, maybe nothing or maybe just about everything! His mission, as given to him by the Dodo Creed is to lift up people's spirits by making them laugh at his goofball antics. When people are laughing, surely they would evolve into a gentler, more loving, and less violent species. And where did he, a fat flightless bird come from anyway? All questions need answers, but certainly none more than these.


Before undertaking his difficult mission of saving humanity, Dum Dum must first learn what makes people laugh. Luckily, he meets Lilly Lollipop, an intuitive librarian, who becomes his mentor and sets him on a path of infinite discovery. His journey commences as he encounters fascinating and bizarre characters along the way, each one having a unique personality and perspective on life.

Becoming the “Bird of All Possibilities,” Dum Dum wanders into a variety of interesting jobs and professions, most of which will catapult you into a state of laughing frenzy. People write him “ Dear Dum Dum ” letters asking for advice. His feelings are, “I guess if people are stupid enough to ask for my advice then I'm more than stupid enough to give it to them.” 

Dum Dum dreams up and spouts “Dodoisms” that are witty, satirical, goofy, and inspirational which are sure to feather-tickle your senses. The majority of his creations border on mind-twisting absurdities. He also conceives film ideas and invents utterly un-useful inventions.

Finally, after meeting the love of his life, Cooksie Cuckoo Bird, he's convinced to run for President on the “American Dodo Party,” and proceeds to conjure up a “Birdbrains-R-Us” Platform along with peculiar presidential Cabinet posts. Lastly, he follows up with a dozen ditsy Dodo laws, and concludes with crazy unorthodox solutions to our country's and the world's problems.


Hopefully, you will learn something about yourself as you surrender a smidgen of your humanity and meander into the world of the Dodo. And hopefully, you will learn not to feel ashamed or embarrassed when you do stupid Dodo things. But most importantly, you will learn to love the Dodo inside yourself. After all, there's a little Dodo in all of us. We all do Dodo things. Dum Dum just does them better and more often. No one takes goofball goofy to such extraordinary heights as he does. He's the best. You're just like him sometimes, but he's hardly ever like you. If he were, then he wouldn't be a Dodo. He wouldn't be funny and definitely couldn't cheer anyone up. That's Dum Dum's God-given talent to take us to a higher level by making us laugh at him. Laughter is contagious … it saves lives. Laughter is the elixir of love and life itself. Only if they call out to you. But most significantly, look for him in yourself, in your friends and in the hearts of strangers. Look for him where there is … PEACE, LOVE AND LAUGHTER FOR NOW AND FOREVER AFTER!